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Wrong firmware flash to TotoLink N300RH and How to Unbrick it by Serial Port (for windows user)

Due to upload a wrong firmware to N300RH - Totolink, your router could be a brick one. But please do not so be worried. Following is the method to unbrick it with several command as below

Fig 1: Bricked Router N300RH Totolink

1. Unpack the router and look for TTL-RS232 Port Pin, remember its voltage is 3.3V so please use a USB-TTL converter with 3.3V compatible then connect GND-GND, RX-TX, TX-RX

Fig 2: Connect USB-Serial convert (3.3V) to Serial port

2. Download tftpd32 at
3. Download correct firmware for your router (please look hardware verion on the back or the bottom), forexample Hardware V4 is
4. Decompress downloaded firmware it and change name to 0101A8C0.img(*) and copy to working folder of tftpd32.exe
5. Download putty.exe, search your USB-COM port number, for example my case is COM 9, Open Putty ->Serial->COM9->Baud=115200
6. Plugin the router power and hit enter to skip boot program
7.  Setting Your PC IP address: and run tftpd32 then select working directory of Tftpd32including file.img as [4]
8. On Putty hit 
    -  tftpboot 0x80000000
    -  erase 0x9f040000 +0x9d0004
    -  cp.b 0x80000000 0x9f040000 0x9d0004
    -  boot
Wait for boot or reset router

Every thing would be running again as it was.

Please look the image below 

For more information please look at this page

(*) File name could be changed to match the request from tftp client on N300RH router