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ESP8266 modules hardware guide

OK so there is this new(ish) chip the ESP8266EX that promises a full wifi stack and a mcu all for £2-3. But the chip on it’s own isn’t so useful – so most of the excitement has been around the various modules made with the chip, some memory and an antenna or connector for one. Unfortunately there is a lot of diversity, modules being revised and so on – which makes choosing one of these modules quite difficult. Here I’ve tried to bring together all the info I could about these different modules to help you choose which one fits your needs best. If you have any information about these modules then please leave a comment and I’ll incorporate it! The modules have attracted the codes ESP-01 through ESP-12 –this document in Chinese and this webshop catalog formed the starting point. The ESP8266.comcommunity and Squonk, shekel, TuxFanGKR and others deserve credit for gathering most of this infomation here.

espfrontfront of ESP modules ESP-01 through ESP-11espbackback of ESP modules ESP-01 through ESP-11

The basic attributes of these modules are as follows:








ESP-0114.3mmx24.8mmESP 01 Module photo variant 1ESP-01 Modules pinout variant 1PCB AntennaGPOI0/2/16Multiple Variants Exist! Most common module. This version may be known as V090 or V091
ESP-0214.2mmx14.7mmESP-02 Module photo variant 1ESP-02 Modules pinout variant 1U-FL connectorGPOI0/2/15Multiple Variants Exist!
ESP-0317.4mmx12.2mmESP-03 Module photoESP-03 Module pinoutCeramic AntennaGPOI0/2/12/13/14/15/16Most popular in poll
ESP-0414.7mmx12.1mmESP-04 Module photoESP-04 Modules pinoutnoneGPOI0/2/12/13/14/15/16
ESP-0514.2mmx14.2mmESP-05 Module photo variant 1ESP-05 Modules pinout variant 1U-FL connectorNONEMultiple Variants Exist!
ESP-0614.2mmx14.7mmESP-06 Module photoESP-06 Modules pinoutNoneGPOI0/2/12/13/14/15/16Metal shield claims FCC
ESP-0722mmx16mmESP-07 Module photoESP-07 Modules pinoutCeramic Antenna & U-FL connectorGPOI0/2/4/5/12/13/14/15/16Multiple Variants Exist! Metal shield claims FCC
ESP-0817mmx16mmESP-08 Module photoESP-08 Modules pinoutNoneGPOI0/2/12/13/14/15/16Metal shield claims FCC
ESP-0910mmx10mmESP-09 Module photoESP-09 Modules pinoutNoneGPOI0/2/12/13/14/151MB Flash memory
ESP-1014.2mmx10mmESP-10 Module photoESP-10 Modules pinoutNoneNone
ESP-1119.3mmx13mmESP-11 Module photoESP-11 Modules correct pinoutCeramic AntennaGPOI0/1
ESP-1224mmx16mmESP-12 Module photoESP-12 Modules pinoutPCB AntennaADC + GPOI0/2/4/5/12/13/14/15/16Metal shield claims FCC
DWA817mmx27.1mmDWA 08 Module photoDWA 08 Module pinoutPCB AntennaADC + GPOI0/2/12/13/14/15/16

ESP-01 Variants:

Tinhead of the community contributed info about an older variant using the ESP8266 rather than ESP8266EX (may also be referred to as v080):

ESP-01 Module photo variant 2 frontESP-01 Module photo variant 2 backESP-01 Modules pinout variant 2

ESP-02 Variants:

TuxFanGKR of the community reported that a pinout variant had made him let the magic smoke out! And a third variant (confusingly named ESP-02 version 2) has been spotted here. Pinout is of TuxFanGKR’s variant – photo of ‘version 2′.

ESP-02 Modules pinout variant 2ESP 02 Module photo variant 3

ESP-05 Variants:

A fifth pin has been added to the ESP-05 module carrying reset, thanks to contributorsgbit and Didier9 for this info:

ESP 05 Module photo variant 2ESP-05 Modules pinout variant 2


ESP-07 Variants:

A variant of the ESP-07 has been reported with 2 extra connections (one of them ADC) by mvdlande on the forum:

ESP 07 Module photo variant 2

ESP8266EX Pinout
Hardware guide

Any corrections, omissions or improvements? Please leave a comment!
Thanks to comment below, pinout of module ESP-11 has been corrected.