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Home Automation MQTT

Step 1: Stop mosquitto service running
Step 2: Modifile passwd file in the mqtt folder by running : mosquitto_passwd -c pwfile [username] [password]
Step 3: Moifi mosquitto,config file as follow

# Defaults to true.
allow_anonymous false

# In addition to the clientid_prefixes, allow_anonymous and TLS 
# authentication options, username based authentication is also 
# possible. The default support is described in "Default 
# authentication and topic access control" below. The auth_plugin 
# allows another authentication method to be used.
# Specify the path to the loadable plugin and see the 
# "Authentication and topic access plugin options" section below.

# -----------------------------------------------------------------
# Default authentication and topic access control
# -----------------------------------------------------------------

# Control access to the broker using a password file. This file can be
# generated using the mosquitto_passwd utility. If TLS support is not compiled
# into mosquitto (it is recommended that TLS support should be included) then
# plain text passwords are used, in which case the file should be a text file
# with lines in the format:
# username:password
# The password (and colon) may be omitted if desired, although this 
# offers very little in the way of security.
# See the TLS client require_certificate and use_identity_as_username options
# for alternative authentication options.
password_file c:\program files\mosquitto\[password file]