Wrong firmware flash to TotoLink N300RH and How to Unbrick it by Serial Port (for windows user)

Due to upload a wrong firmware to N300RH - Totolink, your router could be a brick one. But please do not so be worried. Following is the method to unbrick it with several command as below

Fig 1: Bricked Router N300RH Totolink

1. Unpack the router and look for TTL-RS232 Port Pin, remember its voltage is 3.3V so please use a USB-TTL converter with 3.3V compatible then connect GND-GND, RX-TX, TX-RX

Fig 2: Connect USB-Serial convert (3.3V) to Serial port

2. Download tftpd32 at http://tftpd32.jounin.net/tftpd32_download.html

3. Download correct firmware for your router (please look hardware verion on the back or the bottom), forexample Hardware V4 is http://document.totolink.vn/fw/HighPower/N300RH-V4_EN.zip

4. Decompress downloaded firmware it and change name to 0101A8C0.img(*) and copy to working folder of tftpd32.exe

5. Download putty.exe, search your USB-COM port number, for example my case is COM 9, Open Putty ->Serial->COM9->Baud=115200

6. Plugin the router power and hit enter to skip boot program

7.  Setting Your PC IP address: and run tftpd32 then select working directory of Tftpd32including file.img as [4]

8. On Putty hit 

    -  tftpboot 0x80000000

    -  erase 0x9f040000 +0x9d0004

    -  cp.b 0x80000000 0x9f040000 0x9d0004

    -  boot

Wait for boot or reset router

Every thing would be running again as it was.

Please look the image below 

For more information please look at this page 


(*) File name could be changed to match the request from tftp client on N300RH router