Electrolux Washing Machine EWF549

My 6 year old EWF549 get fault in the morning new year 2017 with nothing appear at plugging. What's wrong with her?. I decide to call the service man by contact to the seller but no any responding due to so far for taking care the old product.

Google it and quite luckily I got the schematics from Russia forum. Wow Now i will repair it by my selt. Looking the PCB i found some fire at the supply unit and too much dirty. May be so long to operate and also  the humidity quite high recently.

After 5 hours in hard working i successful complete the process and EWF549 running on again. Please see the file attachment below to use for your self.

Remember repair the PCB could be having a electric shock so that you have to use a isolate power supply(2 winding transfer with ratio 1:1)

If you have nay question please do not hesitate to contact me @ nhanleduy@cdmt.vn

I do not know why the internal oscillator of washing machine main IC stop running suddenly and it is very easy to halt by a tiny noise relay colse ofopen. After 3 days in hardwork i found that the external oscillator as below was the solution.

I support that the Main IC has some thing wrong with oscillator.