IEC870 to K-bus Alsthom Decode

We are now own many Alsthom KCEG, KCGG relays, the Vietnam PTCs and PCs give them to us because out of operation (due to life time.)

They are all good and working well under test by AN-700 universal relay test.

Our R&D Team decide to use them in the project PJ1506 - CEPC GRID MORNITORING to support CEPC smart grid in the future. To do this, we have to build our K-bus communication by ourself development (can use the KITZ 102 but it is very expensive and can not be meet our circumstance)

We are planning to build WIFI to K-BUS kit to co-networking K-Relay into CEPC LAN. The most difficult to decode IEC870 , KBUS and how they interpreter each others.

Following is the step y step doing this PJ1506 Project


2. HANDLING K-BUS BY "BITBANG METHOD" USE PIC18F4620 MCU (40MHz) and GAL16V8 (23/06/2015)

By simulation the stream  bit transmitt and receive are quite good but we not to inject it to K-bus Relay