I am trying to interface (data transfer) between nRF24L01 module use Arduino mega with Atmel USBnRF but no any data transfer correct.

The problem is:

1. Sending from USBnFR (Arduino with Mirf Lib): Always get stranger character at the begining of stream. 

   -packet to send : "123456" packet receive(32 bytes)  "#123456-------"

2. Sending from Arduino: 

 -packet to send : "123456" packet receive: Alway get very long stream and stranger data ?????

After 3 days in reading many "docs" i can not solve broblem, But when looking the first byte from USBnRF i saw that, it is change by length of payload...Blah...blah

Now the USBnRF use protocol as follow:

Data[0] : Always is the length of packet for sending and receiving, example the string You want to send is: "Hello", the array should be: data[0]=6, data[1]='H', data[2]='e'..... 

That in all my solved problem....