Arduino Tutorial

Hi Alls,

My Staffs Vinh and An has been set-up their study tiny project with Arduino Uno and Mega (buy from Thien Both are rapid successfully in Matrix Led and Remote controller.

Yet, Arduino is strong hardware and software!.

In the Tet'holiday I doing some Arduino project and really impression with the Free libraries and easy learning program. So What should you do before start-up Arduino? Here is the Answer

A. Beginning with arduino

1. Learning C-Style program language (not so much)

2. Buy the Arduino Uno (low price) and some module

3. Beginning with examples in the Arduino-IDE

4. Before connect to PC, remember check the USB-Serial chip to select compatible driver.

5. Upload example and learn the way it doing and also program language

6. Step by step that you must be successful in a Week.

B. My experience

1. Disable automatics reset when open Com-Port:  Use a polarized electrolytic capacitor about 22uF connect betwwen Reset and GND Pin(Remember discharge it before connect). Get it out every upload program.

2. Arduino Interface with PC by RS232:  If you want to do some test with PC interface please download Processing software and use Firmata (Firmware) in the Arduino example, you can doing Oscilloscope, Logic Analyzer project...

3. Arduino in Matlab and Labview: Please Google it you should have many advise on net.

4. Some usefull link:

       Build a logic analyser:  - for some one want to do serial prococol analyser

       Good electronic projects:  -

       Bootloader Arduino mega: -

       Use Old CRT Display for Save Environment:

       Upload Data to Internet :

5. Arduino Build Option for Proteus Debug