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Created by Sebastian on Mon, 27/04/2015 - 22:32

In my last entry about universal remote the subject was treated with the Arduino. Integration into FHEM for home control is made more difficult, has to that communication between the devices takes place. Instead of a comprehensive protocol for data communication, the universal remote control is directly related to the Raspberry Pi implemented. In contrast to the Arduino, the GPIO ports are unfortunately operated with 3.3V instead of 5V.


The hardware is similar to the Arduino directly connected to the GPIO ports. Here, the different availability of ports should be considered when the Raspberry Pi models. In this article, the terminal GPIO pin 22 is provided for the IR receiver and the GPIO pin 23 for the IR transmitter.


Instead of a small library for IR detection and sending LIRC is used. "LIRC is the abbreviation for Linux Infrared Remote Control. This is a program for Linux that allows you can put commands from IR remotes in program instructions. What is needed is for only one infrared receiver. [...] To to decode the signals from remote controls correctly, you need a configuration file that is tailored to the respective remote control. you can either create this yourself, or download an appropriate file from the Internet. " (Source: Wikipedia )

Installation and setup on the Raspberry Pi there is an interesting article which serves for the following calls as a base. Installing LIRC done simply by apt-get.

$ sudo apt-get install lirc

To load the required modules manually and to test them there modprobe. In the lirc_rpi the correct assignment of the GPIO ports must be observed!

$ sudo modprobe lirc_dev $ sudo modprobe lirc_rpi gpio_in_pin=22 gpio_out_pin=23

UPDATE: 27/04/2015: Immediately the module is no longer on / etc / modules GpsDrive but over /boot/config.txt

$ sudo vi /boot/config.txt dtoverlay=lirc-rpi,gpio_out_pin=23,gpio_in_pin=22

The modules are loaded at startup, this must be entered in the modules file.

$ sudo vi /etc/modules lirc_dev lirc_rpi gpio_in_pin=22 gpio_out_pin=23

The lirc device can be determined by ls in the dev directory.

$ ls -l /dev/lir* crw-rw---T 1 root video 248, 0 Jan  5 12:16 /dev/lirc0

In the config file of the LIRC device and the modules must be entered.

$ sudo vi /etc/lirc/hardware.conf # -u --uinput            generate Linux input events LIRCD_ARGS="--uinput" DRIVER="default" DEVICE="/dev/lirc0" MODULES="lirc_rpi"

Restarting the daemon.

$ sudo /etc/init.d/lirc restart

test receiver

The receiver can be tested to determine its basic functionality by using the LIRC daemon gestommt and by mode2 the RAW output is viewed by the device. Pressing any key on a IR remote control should turn space and pule entries appear.

$ sudo /etc/init.d/lirc stop $ mode2 -d /dev/lirc0 space 1622 pulse 667 space 1573 pulse 675

testing stations

The initial lircd.conf is empty. It can be used either existing configuration files, unless you record your own which are for the remote control, or.

$ cat /etc/lirc/lircd.conf

Existing configuration file

In the SourceForce remote project many remotes have already been recorded. Also provides with LIRC own files.

$ ls /usr/share/lirc/remotes/

When YAMAHA RAX9 remote control, there is already a file in the project.

$ mkdir lirc $ cd lirc $ wget http://lirc.sourceforge.net/remotes/yamaha/RAX9 $ sudo cp RAX9 /etc/lirc/lircd.conf

The program irw the inputs of the remote control can be read.

$ irw  000000005ea158a7 03 vol+ rax9 000000005ea1e817 00 aux rax9

If there is no output appear the daemon testweise be started in the foreground. Errors or warnings are displayed Possibly here.

$ sudo /etc/init.d/lirc stop $ sudo lircd --nodaemon -H devinput

You can send faxes using irsend.

$ irsend SEND_ONCE rax9 aux

Create your own configuration file

The daemon is stopped and a separate file for each remote is irrecord with the program recorded.

$ sudo /etc/init.d/lirc stop

For SAMSUNG - AA59-00743A remote control a possible call would be as follows.

$ sudo irrecord -H default -d /dev/lirc0 AA59-00743A

The program guides the user through the process of recording. The list of key codes helps correct assignment. After picking up the generated file is copied as new /etc/lirc/lircd.conf and restart the daemon. Agent irw as described above can be found in the pressed keys.

$ sudo cp AA59-00743A.conf /etc/lirc/lircd.conf $ sudo /etc/init.d/lirc restart $ irw 00000000e0e040bf 00 KEY_POWER Samsung_AA59-00743A $ irsend SEND_ONCE Samsung_AA59-00743A KEY_POWER

The same is for all other remote control performed (here, the LG - AKB73615701).

sudo irrecord -H default -d /dev/lirc0 AKB73615701

At the end of all the configuration files into one file and used as new lircd.conf.

$ cat *.conf > lircd.conf $ sudo cp lircd.conf /etc/lirc/lircd.conf


cat AKB73615701.conf AA59-00743A.conf RAX9 > lircd.conf sudo cp lircd.conf /etc/lirc/lircd.conf

FHEM Einbindung

With the module Remotcontrol a floorplan can be created. On the Floor Plan, all keys are stored. The Samsung remote control may be defined as follows.

define RC_TV remotecontrol attr RC_TV rc_iconpath icons/remotecontrol attr RC_TV rc_iconprefix black_btn_ attr RC_TV room 1.0_Wohnzimmer attr RC_TV row00 KEY_POWER:POWEROFF,:blank,KEY_SELECT:SOURCE attr RC_TV row02 :blank,:blank,:blank attr RC_TV row03 KEY_1:1,KEY_2:2,KEY_3:3 attr RC_TV row04 KEY_4:4,KEY_5:5,KEY_6:6 attr RC_TV row05 KEY_7:7,KEY_8:8,KEY_9:9 attr RC_TV row06 :blank,KEY_0:0,KEY_REWIND:PRECH attr RC_TV row07 :blank,:blank,:blank attr RC_TV row08 KEY_VOLUMEUP:UP,KEY_MUTE:MUTE,KEY_CHANNELUP:CHUP attr RC_TV row09 KEY_VOLUMEDOWN:DOWN,:blank,KEY_CHANNELDOWN:CHDOWN attr RC_TV row10 KEY_MENU:MENU,:blank,KEY_PROGRAM:GUIDE attr RC_TV row11 :blank,:blank,:blank attr RC_TV row12 :blank,KEY_UP:UP,KEY_INFO:INFO attr RC_TV row13 KEY_LEFT:LEFT,KEY_ENTER:ENTER,KEY_RIGHT:RIGHT attr RC_TV row14 :blank,KEY_DOWN:DOWN,KEY_EXIT:EXIT define NRC_TV notify RC_TV {system("irsend SEND_ONCE Samsung_AA59-00743A $EVENT")}

The values ​​and rc_iconpath rc_iconprefix define the path for the images. Agent rowXX the lines defined by the buttons. Each button is stored internally by EVENT: IMAGE. The notify treats the click of the button and sends the EVENT at irsend.

Examples of the generated files

# Please make this file available to others # by sending it to  # # this config file was automatically generated # using lirc-0.9.0-pre1(default) on Sun Jan  5 13:37:55 2014 # # contributed by # # brand:                       Samsung_AA59-00743A # model no. of remote control: # devices being controlled by this remote: #  begin remote    name  Samsung_AA59-00743A   bits           16   flags SPACE_ENC|CONST_LENGTH   eps            30   aeps          100    header       4532  4449   one           595  1635   zero          595   520   ptrail        597   pre_data_bits   16   pre_data       0xE0E0   gap          107492   toggle_bit_mask 0x0        begin codes           KEY_NEXT                 0x12ED           KEY_POWER                0x40BF           KEY_1                    0x20DF           KEY_2                    0xA05F           KEY_3                    0x609F           KEY_4                    0x10EF           KEY_5                    0x906F           KEY_6                    0x50AF           KEY_7                    0x30CF           KEY_8                    0xB04F           KEY_9                    0x708F           KEY_0                    0x8877           KEY_SELECT               0x807F           KEY_VOLUMEDOWN           0xD02F           KEY_VOLUMEUP             0xE01F           KEY_CHANNELDOWN          0x08F7           KEY_CHANNELUP            0x48B7           KEY_MENU                 0x58A7           KEY_PROGRAM              0xF20D           KEY_INFO                 0xF807           KEY_ENTER                0x16E9           KEY_EXIT                 0xB44B           KEY_REWIND               0x1AE5           KEY_MUTE                 0xF00F           KEY_LEFT                 0xA659           KEY_RIGHT                0x46B9           KEY_UP                   0x06F9           KEY_DOWN                 0x8679       end codes  end remote @bartelmus.de>

PROVISIONAL LG file! (Keys are missing!)

# Please make this file available to others # by sending it to  # # this config file was automatically generated # using lirc-0.9.0-pre1(default) on Sun Jan  5 14:24:26 2014 # # contributed by # Sebastian Pech - www.spech.de # brand:                      LG # model no. of remote control: AKB73615701 # devices being controlled by this remote: #  begin remote    name LG_AKB73615701   bits           16   flags SPACE_ENC|CONST_LENGTH|REPEAT_HEADER   eps            30   aeps          100    header       4525  4429   one           605  1625   zero          605   509   ptrail        604   repeat        600   511   pre_data_bits   16   pre_data       0xB4B4   gap          107515   toggle_bit_mask 0x0        begin codes           KEY_POWER                0x0CF3           KEY_1                    0xDC23           KEY_FASTFORWARD          0x2CD3           KEY_FORWARD              0xCC33           KEY_REWIND               0xAC53           KEY_PREVIOUS             0x4CB3           KEY_NEXT                 0xCC33           KEY_TITLE                0x52AD           KEY_MENU                 0x5CA3           KEY_HOME                 0xE619           KEY_UP                   0xE21D           KEY_DOWN                 0x12ED           KEY_LEFT                 0x9A65           KEY_RIGHT                0x5AA5           KEY_ENTER                0x1AE5           KEY_BACK                 0xA25D           KEY_SUBTITLE             0x0AF5           KEY_TITLE                0xD22D       end codes  end remote @bartelmus.de>


Are there these are deleted in the line 1 must lircd.conf the entry #UNCONFIGURED. Otherwise, the following message appears at startup.

$ sudo /etc/init.d/lirc restart [ ok ] Reconfigure LIRC or manually replace /etc/lirc/lircd.conf to enable..




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Elqubanitos (not verified)

Fr, 02.09.2016 - 14:47

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:( I'm nearing despair 

've been looking all over the wets but find nothing to my problem. 

Have a raspberry pi 2 and everything funzt actually up on irsend.

root@ir:~# irsend SEND_ONCE tvpanasonic KEY_1

irsend: command failed: SEND_ONCE tvpanasonic KEY_1

irsend: unknown remote: "tvpanasonic"

have constantly the message. Hopefully someone has an idea?



Fr, 23.09.2016 - 13:11

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In reply to help ....by Elqubanitos (not verified)

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Hi, do you have an entry in the config file "begin remote" and "name tvpanasonic"?