Peca 30-301-3001

Three Phase Multifunction Meter with modbus interface from ARDETEM

1. Documentation

     - Peca 3xxx Manual  in French language

2. PC Communication:

    - Protocol : Modbus, 

    - Modbus Data Frame and Format: 4 byte inverse float format

    - Max Data Address: 1234 (Dec)

3. Devices and Test Result (see photos)

- AN-700(For inject current , voltage) 

- ADAM 4520(RS232-RS422 Converter)

- Modbus Test Software

- ADAM 4520 + PECA 301 

- Data display on PC by Modbus Test software

3. Upload data to Internet with Daqconnect

Currently, we have been upload voltage and frequency to internet by supporting from Daqconnect - Azeotech Inc. We have not to pay for storage now because free support from Azeotech.

Please open link


   Password: k9ch13

Have fun