Hydro Power Plant Simulator - HPS 16


Here is lastest updated image for our hydro power plant simulator (HPS-16)

The system include 2 turbines type of Kaplan and Francis with total power 2kW  to simulate 16MW water power plant.Operate and Monitor can be manual or automatic for teaching only

System Architecture

- The system HPS-16 use SD-200 software for control and monitoring, it interactives

   with DAQFACTORY in the simulation mode,

- In the real control mode the DAQFACTORY will transfer command from operator to equipments.

- We use Arduino Ethernet and Pic Microntroller as IED devices


- Training in some sections:

- Hydro power plant operator

- Field bus engineer

- Mini Scada engineer

- HMI and Industrial Communication engieer

System brochure:

- HPS-16 V1.0 brochure see belows

HPS 16 English.pdf